Issues That Call For Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants are some of the best teeth replacement treatments available today. The implants are permanent, have high success rates, and are strong enough to allow you to eat anything (after healing). Below are some of the situations that call for dental implant treatment. Failed Root Canal Treatment If you have an infected tooth, the dentist may advise you to get a root canal treatment to save your natural tooth. Despite the excellent tooth replacement options available today, none can match a natural tooth, so it's best to save a tooth that can be saved. [Read More]

What You Can Do If You Have Dental Anxiety

When you have dental anxiety, you may find yourself avoiding going to the dentist even when you know you need to do so. This can, of course, be a serious problem for you and your oral health. If you are struggling to even schedule yourself a dental appointment or are a chronic canceler, then you may be wondering what you can or should do to deal with your dental anxiety. Get to know some of the things you can do about your dental anxiety so you can get to the dentist as soon as possible. [Read More]

Why Is Your Dentist Recommending Your Teen Wait For Dental Implants?

Your teenager is missing one or more teeth, but when you visit the dentist for a consultation, they tell you that your teen needs to wait before getting an implant. This can be frustrating news to receive. Your teen is self-conscious about their appearance and just wants an implanted tooth so they can feel like everyone else. However, you must understand that your dentist truly does have your teen's best interests in mind when they recommend they wait to get an implant. [Read More]

Understanding The Difference Between Endosteal And Subperiosteal Implants

Up until recently, the best options for dealing with a lost tooth were dentures or bridges. While both options work fine for millions of people, they are less natural than real teeth and for some people can lead to discomfort or a lack of confidence. Dental implants offer a permanent alternative for missing teeth. Implants are not intended to be removed and they function just as real teeth would. In fact, many patients who receive dental implants can barely tell the difference between the implant and their natural teeth. [Read More]